Monday, January 7, 2013

Living vicariously through clients

Going solo was a great move for me.  I love it.  But there is one big drawback, I don't really build anything.  I consult, broker, and advise - all valuable actions - but as a one man show in a pure services model there is nothing tangible for me to point to.  So I tend to live vicariously though the products my clients build, and get oddly giddy when those products overlap with everyday life.

Last summer, CustomInk did an amazing job on Tshirts for our family beach trip.  And when I purchase a LivingSocial deal, I'll typically share it on social media using AddThis, thus completing a complex multi-client maneuver.   My contribution to these companies is minuscule compared to heavy lifting done daily by their teams, but I take pride in having had some small impact on products that, in return, make a positive impact on my life as well.  That's why I'm so excited to be starting a consulting assignment with a company solving a problem that is a significant part of my personal life right now.

In November, I chose to have a long overdue operation to repair my right shoulder.   Even with an amazing Orthopedic surgeon in a top flight hospital, going under the knife was still a scary proposition for me.   Thanks to the wonderful team which executed my surgery, everything went flawlessly.  But the reality is that adverse events do happen in healthcare, and when they do, the impact can be devastating.

DC-based Pascal Metrics builds technology that identifies, prevents and reduces adverse events in healthcare.  Pascal's clients share stories where their technology has literally saved lives.  Amazing. How many early stage tech companies can say that?

Pascal is a really interesting client for a number of reasons, including true Big Data applications, a progressive tech stack, ridiculously smart people, and a Double Barreled Ping Pong Robot at HQ.  I'm genuinely excited to be hiring engineers, operations, product management, and marketing roles for them - Pascal is definitely worth checking out for anyone seeking a high impact job.

But what is really exciting to me is to be able to impact, through hiring, a company that is improving patient safety and healthcare across the globe for millions of people - including me and my family.

That's cool.

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