Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fluidhire Turns 4!

Starting out in the midst of a brutal recession in January '09, I honestly didn't know if I’d make it four months, let alone four years. 

Officially, Fluidhire is a sole proprietorship, but that’s a wildly misleading label. My business would not exist without the professional ecosystem that surrounds it.    

It’s impossible to thank everyone who has  helped along the way, but I’d like to say Thank You to a few people who have made it all possible.

  • My wife, for supporting and staying with me during that first year.  Business was ugly in 09, as so was I at many times.
  • Vern McDonald, for goading me into becoming a recruiter in the first place
  • Brad Thornton, for teaching me how to achieve long term success in this business and how to keep things in proper perspective
  • Rob Eubank, Jon Olin, Jeff Harris and Brian Deblitz for giving me the opportunity to prove I could build something from the ground up
  • Hunter McElfish, for busting his tail and making Ettain Group’s DC office a success
  • Hooman Radfar and Jay Rappaport for giving me the opportunity to fall in love with the start up space
  • Liam Darmody, for being smart and ignoring my bad advice.  Your strong moves opened up big opportunities for both of us.
  • Stewart Allen, Will Meyer  and the Clearspring/AddThis engineering team for teaching me what it takes to hire truly elite engineering talent
  • Ted Leonsis, Steve Case, Revolution Growth, NEA, Grotech,  Novak Biddle and the other investors supporting the DC start up community   
  • LivingSocial, CustomInk, Resonate Insights, Opower, and the many other clients who've allowed me the opportunity to support their efforts in building world class teams  
  • All the candidates who've put their trust in me to help advance their careers and find positions where they can thrive by building amazing products
Thank you to all who've supported me along the way, I hope I can return the favor at some point down the road.  Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and successful 2013!

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