Friday, June 5, 2009

Superhero Resume!

Recruiters love superlatives. I’m no exception. Through the years I’ve used rockstar, guru, genius, stud, and other extraordinary terms to let colleagues and clients know that I had a stellar candidate on the hook. But yesterday I received something truly different, a resume for an actual Superhero – sort of.

I thought it was terrific. For a Graphic Artist, what better way to showcase your creativity, skills, style and passion than to let them emanate from your resume? The super hero theme was reflected in the artwork, text, and presentation. I was both informed and entertained while reading his resume, which was a very nice break from the ordinary plain text submissions I receive.

But then, reality started to set in. Would an applicant tracking system be able to handle this type of format? What about companies that require plain text resume submission? Would the casual tone and wording of the resume hurt his chances of being found through keyword searches that rank results by relevancy?

All of these questions made me wonder if recruiting/job hunting tools and technologies were ready for conceptual, video, or other multimedia resumes. I don’t think so. I don’t think that recruiting innovation has gone much farther than taking newspaper classifieds and hard copy resumes and putting them into electronic format. Hiring is still text-based and a keyword matching game until you get to the interview stages. But I think we can do better than that. I think we have to do better than that.

We owe it to Super Graphic Artist and other super heroes like him who are willing to put forth the effort to separate themselves from the crowd. We need to give great candidates and great companies a platform to show not only what they do, but how they do it. I have some ideas on that topic, but they are for another post.

BTW – Super Graphic Artist is actively looking for a new position here in the DC area. If you are interested, give him a ring.


Jodi said...

Great post Ian! So true.

DMClark84 said...

I skimmed his resume instead of actually reading it purely based on the fact the font is not very easy to read. Sure it fits the cartoon theme, but for reading, not a fan.