Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's New Gig

In a few hours, Barack Obama will do something we’ve all done before, start a new job. Granted, it’s a much bigger job than most of us have ever tackled, but I’m sure he’s feeling the same emotions of excitement and fear we all do when heading in the door for our first day. President Obama is faced with historic challenges. Economy, security, environment, healthcare….this list is long and the solutions complex.

With every new job there is a sense of renewal and optimism, that we can change things and improve our personal and professional lives for the better. I think that optimism, even if it’s unrealistic at times, is a good thing and spur productivity. I’m taking it upon myself to approach my work with a renewed sense of optimism, excitement, and commitment.

I figure that while I can’t directly impact energy plans, foreign policy, or the war in Iraq – I can impact the economy by working a little harder, a little smarter, and with a little more passion. If millions of Americans did their jobs just 1% better than yesterday, think of the value added to our economy. A slight change in our collective productivity and efficiency could impact operating costs and profitability and spur investment and job growth nationwide. We have the power to help turn our own economy around.

Take time out today to enjoy the inauguration. Let the significance soak in. Try and capture some of the excitement and energy from the millions of people on the Mall. And tomorrow, on your way to the office, try to pretend that you are starting a new job. Feel the butterflies and feed off the excitement, fear, and optimism. Use it to make yourself and those around you that much better, and know that your efforts can help make our new President’s difficult job just a little easier.

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